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What You’ll Experience During Your Free Confidence & Clarity Strategy Call With Master Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach Mitchell Dahood...

One of the biggest obstacles to success and forward progress is lack of confidence.  One of the biggest obstacles to unshakeable confidence is absolute clarity of your desired outcome.

During our call you will experience the feeling of being crystal clear about what you really want, as well as experiencing the absolute confidence to take the action necessary to achieve it.

Mindset Coach Mitchell Dahood

Mitchell Dahood M.A.

Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach

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What Happens 

Before The Call...

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Before the call I will review the questionaire you filled out and outline a session that specifically addresses your needs.

You will also receive a powerful guided meditation mp3 to listen to at least once before our session together.

The guided meditation will cause your subconscious mind to begin releasing any negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs you may have about yourself and what is possible in your life.

You will become clearer and more focused and be able to communicate in our session what truly matters most to you.

What Happens

During the Call...

You will discover how and why both your conscious and subconscious mind have been working against you in one or more areas of your life/business.

You will learn 3 Keys you can use immediately to flip the switch and get your mind working powerfully for you in achieving whatever you desire.

You will experience a taste of what it feels like to have absolute clarity of your next steps and increased confidence to take the action necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

If we both decide we are a good fit to work together we will discuss available options.

What Happens

After the Call...

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By the end of our call you will feel a greater sense of clarity about your next step(s). You will also have a greater sense of confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve what you desire most.

Regardless of whether we decide to work together to accelerate your rate of success and achievement, we will part friends.

When you become a Client, in addition to our sessions together, your will have access to any of my digital products and online courses you desire to supplement and support the work we do together.

When we work together, I become not only your coach...I become your number one Fan!

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What a Few Clients Have Said About Working

With Me...

Brandi Smith Coaching Client

Mitchell is Freeckin Awesome!

“Mitchell  is freekin’ awesome! He utilizes hypnosis and a variety of heart centered skills to help us tap into our highest potential. 

I have worked with a variety of coaches in the past, and while all great, working with Mitchell is exactly what I needed.

I feel much more confident in my path as a teacher and healer. I can’t rave enough…and it takes a lot for me to rave.”

Brandi Smith

Teacher and Healer

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Coaching Client Johnny O'

"Completely Loving and Present"

I found Mitchell to be completely loving and present. He allowed me to open up honestly and fully 

so I could heal.   We made great progress on an important issue I was seeking to transform.

I would not hesitate recommending Mitchell to anyone facing a significant challenge in their life.

Johnny O'Callaghan


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Coaching Client Maggie Dennison

Mitchell's intuitive sense always hit the nail right on the head.

His insights helped me identify a major issue that was holding me back in my business

so that I could process it and get the results I wanted.

I have confidence referring Mitchell to anyone who needs his unique combination

 of down to earth business saavy and inner work.

Maggie Dennison

Founder -

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Getting Started With Coaching

"You Don't Have to be Great to Get Started But...

 ...You Do Have to Start to Become Great!..."

My Favorite Quote From The Great Les Brown.

Mindset Coach Mitchell Dahood

Mitchell Dahood

Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach

About Me...

During the last 35 years or so I have been researching, experimenting with and creating the best of the best Personal and Spiritual growth techniques and process'.

For most of that time I was doing it for my own growth and self improvement.  A few years ago as I looked at the world around me, I saw far too many people experiencing far too much unnecessary pain and suffering.  I knew I could help these people in a powerful and profound way and I began Coaching .

My focus is to empower people with the necessary tools, resources, confidence and belief in themselves to break free from their self created prison of the mind so they can fully live and experience the life they were born to live...

...A life of true fulfillment, joy, love, happiness  and of course performing at the highest levels in any area you choose.

I have a 98.3% success rate with the  Clients I have worked with. I am Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and I have engaged in thousands of hours of continuing education,

 If you know you are capable of more and you're tired of struggling and going it alone.  I am here for you ready to guide and coach you step by step until you are experiencing all that you deserve and desire in your life

Isn't It Time You Discovered How To

Master Your Mindset and Master Your Life?