April 30


How Committed Are You To Achieving Your Dreams

Today I want to ask you a couple questions.  How committed are you to your dreams.  What action are you prepared to take right here and right now to make your dreams a reality?  What are you prepared to do to the resistance that has shown its face too often in the past and kept you from your dreams?

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Is Your Ego Getting In The Way of Achieving Your Dreams?…

I love films, and I am a huge Al Pacino fan.  Even if you don’t know a thing about football, there is a scene in the film on any given Sunday that I encourage you watch. There is a football team that has a dream.  Yet in spite of their dream they have allowed their personal egos to get in the way of that dream, and the team is self destructing and their dream is slipping away.  Can you relate?

In the scene the Coach played by Al Pacino senses the desperation of the situation and realizes he must give the “pep talk” of his career in order to bring the team together and do what needs to be done to take care of business.

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An Important Question to Ask Yourself…

I encourage you to think about your dream, and watch the video clip below of the scene I’ve been talking about.  Then ask yourself the question “What am I prepared to do make my dreams a reality?

Be aware of all the inches around you all the time.  Remember, even if you feel like you are all alone and don’t have a team, the truth is you always have Spirit on your side.  As long as your dream is for the highest good of all concerned, there is no better team to be had.

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Sometimes You Have to Fight…

While it would be great if our dreams simply came to us gracefully and easily, and that is always a possibility, sometimes Spirit just needs to know that we are truly committed and want what we say we want.  Some times we have to “fight” for and claim what is our destiny.

You were born with a purpose and a mission.  The time is now to claim it and fulfiill it.

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