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Discover How to Create Your Own Guided Imageries

In this article you will discover step by step how to create your own guided imageries.  For decades now guided imagery has proven to be a powerful tool in assisting the body to heal itself from a number of health challenges. It has also proven to be equally powerful in reprogramming the subconscious mind, and freeing individuals from the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs they may have about themselves and what is possible in their life..

One of the primary benefits of guided imagery is its ability to produce a peaceful and relaxed state of being in the body and in the mind. Every system in our body functions better when we are relaxed compared to when we are experiencing stress and anxiety.

Additionally, the images that we see or imagine during a guided imagery, go directly into the subconscious mind. Once there, the subconscious mind goes to work to create and manifest those images into reality in our lives

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Steps to Create Your Own Powerful Guided Imagery

There are many professionally produced guided imagery cd’s available from various sources including this website. However, you can also create your own by following the steps listed below.

1. Determine Your Desired Outcome. If you are seeking to overcome a health challenge, your desired outcome may be:

To be vibrantly healthy and fully energized.

If you want to be more successful, your desired outcome may be:

To be living a life of perfect abundance.

2. Write your guided imagery. There are essentially three parts to every guided guided imagery I create...

A. The relaxation and deepening phase. During this initial phase you will be focusing on your breathing, and on your body relaxing and your mind becoming calm. You might write something like

“As you gradually become aware of your breathing, you may find that your breathing becomes more deep, gentle, and rhythmic, and the physical body relaxes, and your mind becomes mentally calm…”

This phase of the guided imagery is usually about 3-5 minutes long.

B. The Imagery Phase. During this middle section you are focusing on imagining yourself as if you were living and experiencing your desired outcome right now. Write the imagery in vivid, descriptive language, in the present tense. For example you might write something like:

I am loving waking up every morning vibrantly healthy and fully energized. I am joyfully living the life of my dreams, and all of my needs are abundantly met…”.

Be as descriptive and specific as you can about the desired outcome you are seeking to manifest. This phase is Usually about 8-10 minutes long.

C. Reinforcement Phase. In this final phase you are reinforcing the positive images, and encouraging those images to grow stronger. You might write something like:

In just a moment I will count from 1 to 5 and at five your eyes will open and you will be wide awake. But before I do I just want you to know that the positive images you have experienced will have a tendency to grow stronger and stronger over the days and weeks ahead, and they will tend to be reinforced every time you drink any liquid, or any time you see the color green”.

This phase is usuall about 2-3 minutes long.

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Recording and Listening to Your Guided Imagery

3. Record your guided imagery. The most important thing to keep in mind when recording your guided imagery is to take your time and not rush through it. It would be a good idea to practice reading though your guided imagery a couple of times so that you are familiar with it and comfortable.

If you want to edit your guided meditation and/or add music in the background You can use a paid program such as Acid Music Studio by Magix which is what I use or you can use a popular free program such as Audacity.

4. Listen to your guided imagery. When listening to your guided imagery, you want to ensure that you will have at least 20 minutes when you will not be interrupted. You also want to be sure that you get into a comfortable and relaxed position, and that you loosen any tight or restrictive clothing.

Then start your guided imagery and simply relax and allow the creativity of your subconscious mind to go to work in manifesting your desired outcome. At the end of your guided imagery, it is a good idea to drink a big glass of water.

This will help to ground you back in the here and now, and reinforce the positive images you have just experienced.

With a little practice, you can create powerful guided imagery’s for yourself.


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