May 9


Breaking Out of the Prison of Your Mind is a Choice

I was recently reminded that breaking free from the prison of your mind is a choice that too many are unaware of.  I happened to get up a little earlier than normal a few mornings ago and when I went outside I became aware of several helicopters hovering overhead a couple blocks away. 

Having lived in Los Angeles for sometime now, I knew this meant there was some “breaking news” taking place.  Out of curiosity I went back inside and turned on the local news.  As I watched the event unfolding before me,  I was reminded again that breaking free from the prison of your mind is a choice, and at the same time there are too few people that are aware of this choice.

While watching the news I discovered that several men were fleeing police after being involved in an armed robbery of a Walgreens.  One suspect had been discovered on top of a roof and was walking back and forth while talking on his cell phone. 

I couldn’t help but wonder what brought him (and the other suspects) to  the point that they felt engaging in an armed robbery was there only choice.

I thought what a tragedy.  Because I know we are all born with everything we need to live a life of perfect abundance, peace joy and love, it always saddens me to see someone who has yet to become aware of the greatness within them.

  It saddens me even more when that lack of awareness causes them to engage in activities that put themselves and others at risk needlessly.

Each Of Us Has Our Own Path To Follow

I know each of us must walk our own path and learn our own lessons along this journey called life.  I also know that we were all blessed with the gift of free will and choice.  I am always seeking out more choices in my life. that is part of who I am.

Unfortunately there are too many others that feel they only have one choice; to live a life of poverty & despair, or risk jail (or worse) engaging in a life of crime.  Most likely if you are reading this post you are aware of the power of choice.  Those of us that are aware, have a moral and ethical responsibility to enlighten those who feel they have only one choice, to become aware of all of their choices.

I would love to put together a large scale project to empower those who feel they have no choice, to free themselves from their self created prison of their mind and live fully from their hearts.  I am open to working with anyone interested in collaborating, co-creating and manifesting such a project.

Here’s What I Am Thinking

Right now I am thinking about developing a 2-3 day Seminar to teach the essential skills of Mastering Your Mindset and Mastering Your Life.  I am intending to present this Seminar to the Leaders and volunteers of various underserved communities. Once they have been exposed to and immersed in the essential skills of personal empowerment,  they would be provided the resources, information and support to lead their own seminars and workshops for the other members of their community.

When individuals become aware of the greatness within them, they also become aware their choices.  Once they are aware of their choices, I have no doubt that they will choose to break free from the prison and limitations of their mind and live fully from their heart and thereby inspiring others in their community to do the same.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas.  Please comment below, or send an email to me at


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