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"Discover How To Master Your 

Mindset and Master Your Life..."

Your kit includes: the "Unleashing the Power of Your Purpose" PDF, 

the "Conquering Negativity" Guided Meditation MP3 and

Weekly Tips for Living Your Best Life

Image of Mindset Coach Mitchell Dahood

Mitchell Dahood M.A.

Master Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach

Are You Tired of Struggling...?

Not Sure of Your Next Steps or How to Get to The Next Level...?

...My Purpose, Path and Mission in Life is to empower people like you to break free from their self created prison of the mind...and connect them deeply to the place inside of them that knows the truth about who they really are (Not who their mind says they are and not what anyone else says or thinks they are.)

From that place of knowing there is no self judgement, no self doubt, no unnecessary stress or anxiety. ...All that exists in this place is confidence, courage, wisdom, love and the absolute clarity of your path ahead.

When you combine this with a stategic plan of action you become an unstoppable force for good in your own life and the lives of those you love. You engage in life, work and relationships and whatever you choose at ever deeper more meaningful levels

I invite and encourage you to take advantage of the free offerings I have on this site to assist you in connecting to that knowing place inside of you such as my Mindset Mastery Tool Kit at the top of this page.

And if now or in the future you seek to dramatically speed up your results...simply request a free consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.  Where ever you are in the World, my services are available to you via Skype, Zoom, or Goggle Meet.

mitchell dahood signature

What Others Say About Working With Me...

Francis Fujii

Founder CEO 2

Mitchell Is A Master Coach”

“Mitchell is a Master Coach whose unerring guidance empowered me to emerge from a time of personal crisis with more strength, resilience and centeredness than ever… 

…Long story short, with Mitchell’s help I was able to navigate that critical period with ease and grace. Choosing to work with Mitchell was a gift for my clients, who commented on how animated and powerful my presentations had become.

It was a gift for my family who had been seriously worried about my health. And it’s certainly been a gift for me, because I know I have absorbed and integrated Mitchell’s coaching at the cellular level; this is the kind of learning that I’ll never ‘forget.’

Jim Christopher

Executive Recruiter

Mitchell helped me to break through to a new level of success."

I was honored to work with Mitchell for several months and the tools and insights he provided continue to pay huge dividends personally and professionally.

Mitchell really listens and has a wealth of knowledge. He focused on the areas I wanted to address and the results speak for themselves.

I recommend Mitchell Dahood highly as a coach and I respect him greatly as a person

What Will You Say About

Working With Me...?

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Isn't It Time You Discovered How To

Master Your Mindset and Master Your Life?

Your kit includes: the "Unleashing the Power of Your Purpose" PDF, the "Conquering Negativity" MP3 and Weekly Tips for Living Your Best Life